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    License Assisted Access (LAA) video primer

    Thomas Norén on License Assisted Access (LAA)

    We judge the performance of a mobile network by how well the apps we want to use work, when and where we want to use them. This is the concept of "app coverage": network performance from the user perspective. Because we spend more than 85% of our day indoors, mobile operators are constantly looking for ways to improve app coverage indoors, leveraging both cellular and Wi-Fi technologies.

    To improve app coverage indoors in any size or type of commercial building – whether that’s a suburban shopping center, train station or a high-rise office building – Ericsson is adding Licensed Assisted Access (LAA) to its indoor small cell portfolio, the Ericsson Radio Dot System and RBS 6402 Indoor Picocell. LAA introduces the security and performance associated with high-performance LTE networks to spectrum available in the 5 GHz band.

    LAA benefits all consumers and business users on smartphones and other mobile devices:

    • Users on LAA: Consumers can leverage the combination of licensed and unlicensed bands to achieve higher peak rates indoors.
    • Users on cellular licensed bands only: By distributing traffic between the licensed and unlicensed bands, LAA frees up capacity on the licensed spectrum, benefiting users on those bands.
    • Users on Wi-Fi only: LAA frees up capacity for Wi-Fi users, by employing fair sharing techniques and using the 5GHz band more efficiently.

    Combining licensed and unlicensed technologies and leveraging higher frequency spectrum bands on small cell architectures, LAA is a key milestone on the road to 5G. LAA delivers an indoor performance boost for smartphone users, while optimizing available wireless network resources for all users.

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    License Assisted Access (LAA) video primer

    LAA video primer on YouTube

    Thomas Norén on License Assisted Access (LAA)

    Thomas Norén talking LAA on YouTube


    LAA graphic

    LAA diagram

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    Ericsson License Assisted Access (LAA) introduces LTE to unlicensed spectrum on small cells to deliver a data speed boost to smartphones

    RBS 6402 concept

    Ericsson RBS 6402 Indoor Picocell

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    License Assisted Access (LAA) will be supported on Ericsson’s RBS 6402 Indoor Picocell, an indoor multi-standard small cell


    Thomas Norén

    Thomas Norén

    Vice President, Head of Radio Product Management, Ericsson

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    Christian Hedelin

    Christian Hedelin

    Head of Strategy, Radio Business Unit, Ericsson

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    Dr. Håkan Andersson

    Dr. Håkan Andersson

    Head of 5G Product Strategy, Radio Business Unit, Ericsson

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    Eric Parsons

    Eric Parsons

    Head of Mobile Broadband, Radio Business Unit, Ericsson

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    License Assisted Access (LAA) explained

    Product information

    License Assisted Access is a feature in Ericsson’s LTE Radio Access Network