Speed saves lives


    Pavol Barát is helping save lives every day, getting emergency services to where they are needed – fast. When a rapid response can be a matter of life or death, communications simply have to be reliable and efficient every time. There is no room for error.

    A shift manager at one of Slovakia’s emergency service “112” operation centers, Pavol oversees the emergency phone operators and monitors emergencies around the capital, Bratislava.

    The system used here is the part of the Ministry of the Interior’s efforts to make emergency services – fire brigade, ambulance and police – more efficient. Slovakia has several different emergency numbers, such as 158 for police, 155 for ambulance services and 150 for the fire brigade. A new solution bringing all emergency services under the number 112 is making them all faster and more efficient.

    “Features such as location-based services are a huge advantage,” Pavol says. “With applications like GiS, we can see where the call is coming from and which road is the quickest way to the incident. We monitor and coordinate the responses as incidents occur. And witnesses or callers in distress can be directly connected to the correct emergency service.”

    Slovakia is a multicultural country with several regions and four main languages, something that the integrated 112 system can help with, Pavol says. “We can monitor where the call is coming from and refer the call to one of our operators who speaks that language. And we have operators with very diverse language skills. So of course it has made work easier for us, but more importantly, life safer for Slovakians. They receive the right assistance more quickly.”

    Slovakia is using the Ericsson Emergency Response solution, based on our CoordCom product. It can be tailored for any need, letting emergency dispatchers relay crucial information in real time to everyone involved.

    Denisa Saková, a director at the Department of Informatics, Telecommunications & Security with Slovakia’s Ministry of Interior, worked with us to implement the solution.

    “The 112 system saves lives and there is simply no room for error,” she says.

    Ericsson immediately picked up on our concerns and demands, and was involved in all aspects of the implementation, developing a strategy, remaining in daily contact to make improvements and training our people onsite.

    ”We now have eight operation centers around the country, and they are making life better for Slovakians.”