Aiming for goals, and gold

    Sports fanatic Roger Tilzey always follows the big sporting events wherever and whenever he is – on his mobile phone as he travels or when he is at work. There are a few highlights on the horizon, especially the London 2012 Olympics. But one just around the corner has grabbed his attention: the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

    Roger Tilzey

    The World Cup is the most widely viewed sporting event in the world, with roughly a ninth of the world’s population watching the final of the 2006 tournament. Roger followed the matches in that tournament on his home TV or out with friends.

    But life has changed for Roger in the nearly-four years since the last World Cup: he has young children; his job is increasingly demanding; and he has to travel more often. How can he keep track of his favorite team in a way that fits his mobile lifestyle while maintaining the high quality he is used to at home?

    More and more, sports viewers are looking to their mobile phones as a way to keep track of their favorite game. And at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, video content will be produced with the mobile viewer in mind. Instead of repurposing and reproducing video produced for television, a mobile video stream will be available that takes into account a phone’s limitations.

    But it’s not just about video – it’s about having a comprehensive package. Roger can get an SMS or MMS when someone scores a goal or is sent off, and the video will let viewers see the action almost-live. There will also be archived material from every World Cup as well official downloads and FIFA World Cup news, results and stats.

    Roger will have his own personalized FIFA World Cup experience, choosing the teams he wants to follow and the games for which he wants to receive alerts. He will be able to watch more than just his favorite teams – he’ll also be able to view exclusive content, such as footage of his team warming up before a match.

    Ericsson, the preferred provider for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in the mobile space, will make it easy for Roger to get the content that matters to him. We will provide a full back-end and front-end solution to manage the content sports fans want, from creation and production, to global delivery to each licensee, reliably and with a focus on quality.

    Sports fans are coming to expect this level of functionality and service as standard. By the time the London Olympics come around in 2012, you can bet we’ll all be getting a medal-winning mobile performance.