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The beautiful game

The beautiful game

During 2010 thousands of football fans flocked to South Africa for the world's largest soccer tournament. All of those people wanted to be able to communicate and keep up to date with the latest news, so access to the best possible voice and data services was imperative.


South African football fan Paul was one user who took advantage of mobile services from the very beginning of the tournament, as unable to get to the stadium for his team's first match he streamed live footage of the game from the internet directly onto his mobile phone browser. Paul explains: "It came through perfectly. There were a couple of us, with a couple of beers, sitting around the phone. It was like having access to a TV. The connection was as reliable as home broadband, but it’s mobile, so you could take it with you."

Despite the massive increase in mobile traffic, visitors to the nine tournament cities benefited from optimum connectivity throughout. Trevor from South Africa did a lot of traveling to the different cities and used his phone to look up his friends, arrange meeting places and stay in touch. He was impressed at how mobile connectivity made everything so much easier, especially the traveling. He explains: "When I drove my brother to the airport, we realized we would be late and miss the flight. But on the way he used his mobile to contact the airline company and reschedule his flight. You could do all that on the phone. It was very practical."


Trevor also made good use of the mobile services created specifically for the tournament, downloading a calendar onto his phone to see which games were being played when and where. He adds: "I downloaded a playsheet instead of buying a program and you can actually see which players are playing, their club team, where they play, how many goals they've scored in the year. All that information is available; very cool information. It's brilliant."

The 2010 tournament brought with it some clever new ways for football fans to follow their favorite teams, and even though Paul couldn't make it to the arena he will always remember his team's first match as if he were there, live at the stadium.