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Monthly: September 2012

25 teams presented. Ranging from enabling immediate feedback at conferences (the winner) to helping people find Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) help more efficiently (2nd place) to Hope – connecting food donators to food collectors (3rd place). All the ideas had one thing in common: Take technology and think about existing situations differently.

The final day of the Social Good Summit seemed like the best in terms of global reach. Though the full three days had been simultaneously interpreted into six languages besides English, it was on Monday that the audience was taken on somewhat of a tour of all the places either tuning in, or hosting their….

The Social Good Summit agenda is packed with different projects led by enthusiastic civic leaders, Hollywood stars, and corporate visionaries. Near the end of the day yesterday, our President and CEO Hans Vestberg joined Dr. Hamadoun Touré, Secretary-General of the International Telecoms Union, to talk about their passion for broadband and improving the world.

The UN week in New York is an annual event to update on progress towards the Millennium goals. My first visit was 3 years ago when I attended a new event that was happening just before UN week started – the “Social Good” by Mashable. The problem at UN week in those days was that….

Today, September 21, is being observed around the world as the International Day of Peace. The United Nations is recognizing the day by holding a series of high-level debates on the connection between sustainable development and sustainable peace. The role of ICT in addressing the Millennium Development Goals is increasingly recognized. I would also argue,….

The internet can make the world seem a very small place, removing the barrier of distance and enabling students and teachers around the world to learn from each other. Through the Connect To Learn initiative, Ericsson has been helping students across the globe to get connected. Currently, schools are connected in more than 10 countries….