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Monthly: March 2013

Last Saturday, March 23, in almost every corner of the world, people switched off their lights for one hour as a symbolic message about saving energy. At Ericsson, an internal campaign within our Region Middle East helped raise awareness about saving energy and also reducing, reusing and recycling. In most of our offices, we switched….

Living in an online world where the internet is an indispensable tool for people’s development is something that almost every one of us appreciates – at least those reading this post. But the digital divide still affects much of the world’s population, and this is limiting people’s opportunities to develop. Narrowing this gap is one….

The Congo River flows lazily past the Ericsson offices where David and I were stationed for a few days last week. Butterflies swarm through the air and beyond the masses of water the city of Brazzaville is basking in the sun. It’s hard to believe this fertile and lush country is home to some of….