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Monthly: May 2013

We talk a lot about smart cities. Connected cars, connected buses and connected homes. Smart work, smart meters and smart education. E-health, e-services and e-government. But are smart cities actually sustainable cities? Does increased use of ICT automatically lead to improved environmental, economic and social conditions?

With open and affordable access to the internet, people can share and act on information to improve their health, education and livelihoods. Governments can provide more efficient services to citizens, fight crime and terrorism, and respond in emergencies. These are things you can do with connectivity that many take for granted. And that is on….

Around 1.3 million people are killed each year on our roads. A further 20-50 million are injured. As is well reported in the media, a number of these crashes are caused by drivers being distracted by information technology. What isn’t as well reported is that mobile technology can play a major role in reducing the….

As we speak, the global community is working intensively to come up with a set of new targets to replace the Millennium Development Goals that will expire in 2015. There is broad agreement that the private sector will continue to play a crucial more central role this time around, in setting the future Sustainable Development….