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Monthly: September 2014

Ericsson is a leader in the ICT sector and active in 180 markets around the world. But being a leader also means taking responsibility. We understand the power of mobility, broadband and cloud solutions and what they can enable in society – but how can these help in humanitarian response?

REFUNITE, an online family reconnection platform, is a clear example of how Ericsson uses technology as a force for good. Ericsson provides REFUNITE with technical expertise and engages with mobile network operators and employees for on-the-ground support. By the end of September 2014, more than 350,000 forcibly displaced people had register on the family reconnection….

At Ericsson, we have been a leading voice from the private sector for many years on the power of public-private partnerships in advocating for a more sustainable future. Partnerships take many shapes but fill critical roles in driving sustainability advocacy.