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Monthly: July 2015

Last week I represented Ericsson at the UN’s Financing for Development (FfD) conference in Addis Ababa. Among other things, I was able to participate in the African Development Bank’s Financial Inclusion event, be one of six business representatives at one of the official UN Round Tables, and be a panelist at the Business Forum session….

Editor’s note: Elaine Weidman-Grunewald is attending the UN’s Financing for Development (FFD) conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopa. Today she writes from an official side event, Advancing Financial Inclusion in Africa through Digital Financial Services. Yesterday I participated in a super interesting panel organized by the African Development Bank about mobile financial services for the poor…..

Editor’s note: Today we feature a guest post from Katarzyna Pąk, Head of Public and Media Relations in Central Europe: Our story with the in-hospital school at Children’s Memorial Health Institute in Warsaw started back in 2012 with an email from Monika Wójtowicz, who is responsible for fundraising for the school. But she didn’t actually….