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Monthly: November 2015

Imagine a United Nations forum with some 2,300 people attending from all over the world to discuss complex yet urgent business and human rights issues. It seemed almost too good to be true – to find such focus on such a crucial area. But it is, in fact, a reality, and this year, for the….

Editor’s note:  Today we feature a post from Afrizal Abdul Rahim, the Head of Ericsson ConsumerLab South East Asia & Oceania: Hot on the heels of connected vineyards in Europe, South East Asia now boasts its own agricultural Internet of Things. At the recent celebration of Ericsson Malaysia’s 50th anniversary, we brought to life an….

Editor’s note: Today we are featuring a guest post from Stephanie Huf, the global Head of Marketing and Communications for Ericsson’s Industry and Society business line: One Friday evening when I was thirteen, I remember sitting cross-legged on the floor, watching “Fame” on TV with my younger sister. I remember that it was raining outside,….

When people talk about sustainable development of urban areas, they are usually referring to economic sustainability, social sustainability and environmental sustainability. Last week, I attended a seminar in Brussels on Smart Cities, organized by Public Policy Exchange, and the latter theme got most of the attention, as many organizations are currently gearing up for the….

Last week was school vacation week in Sweden, and for different reasons, primarily because I have a dog, our family found ourselves in Germany last week. We wanted to go somewhere for a few days within driving distance of Sweden so that we could bring the puppy along. So Germany it was.

In October Ericsson was invited to speak on “The role of innovation in the future of sustainability” at the launch of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce’s annual corporate social responsibility (CSR) report and Sustainability Week. We shared the day with Coca Cola, Intel, Cummins and Nestle, among others, with panel discussions on everything from strategy….