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Monthly: February 2016

In July last year, I wrote a blog post about training I provided on behalf of Ericsson in Erbil, Northern Iraq for our partners, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) on our enhanced Connect To Learn (CTL) educational platform. The partnership is now being launched at Mobile World Congress (MWC) this week, so I thought it….

Recently, I was in South Sudan to continue the work with our partners in expanding the Youth Peacemaker Network in the country. The initiative is driven by the Whitaker Peace and Development Initiative (WPDI) and has Ericsson, Zain and UNESCO as partners. This mission was split in two parts. The first mission was about performing….

Each year in our region of Middle East and North Africa, we invite the most senior managers for the RLM (Regional Leaders Meeting) event. These 250 leaders represent the top 5% of management, spanning 23 countries. It’s a vital opportunity to gather them together, do some networking and team building, but more importantly, its an….

Editor’s note: Today we are featuring a guest post from Stephanie Huf, the global Head of Marketing and Communications for Ericsson’s Industry and Society business line. The post first appeared on the blog of the New Cities Foundation: When a man slipped in between the train platform gap at a railway station in Western Australia….