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Monthly: August 2016

In this podcast from the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul, Elaine Weidman Grunewald, VP Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility for Ericsson, talks with Susan Myers, Senior Vice President at the UN Foundation, about, among other things, ensuring access to education as a fundamental human right, particularly for girls in developing countries, and how this topic is….

ICT and in particular mobile communication has been proven to improve the effectiveness of humanitarian response. A key consideration is knowing what technology to leverage and how to best make use of data and partners. The United Nations World Food Programme is one of Ericsson’s key partners within the UN Emergency Telecom Cluster (ETC), providing….

Editor’s note: Today we feature a guest post by Martin Falebrand, an experienced Ericsson Response volunteer who has undertaken numerous humanitarian crisis missions around the world. Sometimes my colleagues ask me why I volunteer with Ericsson Response. My reply is usually a question back: “Why not?”