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Monthly: September 2016

Guest post by Lisa Elénius Taylor, marketing manager for M-commerce at Ericsson. Lisa has participated in launching mobile wallet services and mobile payment collaborations in three different markets in the Nordics.  This week is #GlobalGoals week and the United Nations (UN) is calling for collaboration from the public, by raising awareness, and also from businesses, who….

There are more than 7 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide and the continued rollout of broadband services is transforming the lives of people across the globe. Yet half the population in developing countries still doesn’t have access to the internet. In light of this, the International Telecommunications Union, ITU, has set the target of ensuring that….

In 1947 my grandparents left Myanmar with their baby daughter and started a new life in Australia. It was difficult for them to leave their country behind, but they had determined that in the post-war period Australia would provide opportunities for a good life for them and their family. As a second-generation Australian (my dad….

Editor’s note:  Today we feature a guest post by Helen Sigalas, the Head of Learning & Development for Region South East Asia & Oceania. Connect to Learn was deployed in Myanmar during 2015. Some 21,000 students will benefit in the first two years; more than half are girls. On a recent trip to Myanmar, my….