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Monthly: March 2018

Ericsson is one of several partners that have been working together with the Swedish city of Gothenburg for the past 15 months on the Fossil-free Energy Districts (FED) project. The purpose of the project is to develop an innovative district-level energy system that integrates electric power, heating and cooling in an effort to reduce overall energy….

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of attending the World Economic Forum for Latin America 2018 (WEF #la18) in São Paulo, Brazil, as part of a delegation led by Eduardo Ricotta, Head of Ericsson in Brazil, and Stella Medlicott, Head of Marketing, Communications, and Government and Industry Relations for Ericsson in Europe and Latin America. We had….

At the Global Mobile (GLOMO) Awards during Mobile World Congress 2018, Ericsson received the award for Best Mobile Innovation supporting Emergency or Humanitarian Situations for our Ericsson Response mission in the Caribbean during 2017. Ericsson and our UN partner World Food Programme received the award from Mats Granryd, Director-General of the GSMA. The judges said:….

Jan Eliasson, the former Deputy Secretary General of the UN, spoke in Stockholm recently about the Sustainable Development agenda, saying that no single entity can tackle global challenges alone, whether it’s a company, government or international organization. He added that the Global Goals help to galvanize collective action, and partnership is the new leadership. I’ve….