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Smart Africa: Leveling the playing field with ICT

All around the world, digital transformation is becoming a critical factor in long-term, sustainable economic development, and Africa is no exception. Since 2013, the Smart Africa Alliance has played an increasingly important role in helping both national governments and cities across Africa deepen their understanding about the concrete steps they can take to increase Africa’s competitiveness in the global economy through supporting and encouraging the increased use of ICT.

Like Smart Africa, we at Ericsson believe that ICT has the ability to level the global playing field and enable African countries to harness the full potential of their human capital. We also agree that a well-planned policy and regulatory environment is key to encouraging partnerships, entrepreneurship, job creation and knowledge sharing.

With Ericsson’s support, Smart Africa recently put together a blueprint for member countries that outlines the main technology blocks involved in digital transformation, as well as providing guidance about a variety of issues that need to be considered. The blueprint was launched last year at the Transform Africa Summit, an event that was attended by 300+ mayors.

In this short video interview, Dr. Hamadoun Touré, Executive Director of Smart Africa, explains Smart Africa’s approach and why digitalization and ICT are so important for Africa’s future:



Written by Shiletsi Makhofane

Shiletsi Makhofane is Head of Government and Industry Relations for Ericsson in Africa. He has more than 20 years of experience in the African telecommunications industry garnered through a variety of roles in a number of leading organisations. He started career in network engineering and held various roles in areas such as organization development, business processes, marketing, consulting and strategy.

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