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    Category: Gender

    The use of telecommunications technology has exploded globally, creating huge opportunities to connect people, enabling business efficiencies and transforming every aspect of our society. Some of those risks include dangers to children and are inherent, so we need to do more to protect children. I believe this issue should come to the forefront of more….

    Ours is a world divided by several disparities, and gender is one of them. While popular portrayals in the international media highlight the modern superwoman figure who can have it all and do it all, the reality in many parts of the world is quite different. Child marriage, sex trafficking of young girls across borders,….

    Our Connect to Learn (CTL) project in northern Iraq – a partnership with the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and Asiacell – recently received two corporate social responsibility awards in Dubai, where I had the privilege of representing Ericsson at the ceremonies. The Iraq project has led to more than 6,000 girls and boys at 10….

    “When we know we’re going to be using the Connect to Learn devices in school that day, my friends and I wake up earlier and walk to school faster.” That’s a quote from a girl named May, whom we interviewed earlier this year as part of the Connect to Learn team’s ongoing visits to participating….

    In 1947 my grandparents left Myanmar with their baby daughter and started a new life in Australia. It was difficult for them to leave their country behind, but they had determined that in the post-war period Australia would provide opportunities for a good life for them and their family. As a second-generation Australian (my dad….

    Editor’s note:  Today we feature a guest post by Helen Sigalas, the Head of Learning & Development for Region South East Asia & Oceania. Connect to Learn was deployed in Myanmar during 2015. Some 21,000 students will benefit in the first two years; more than half are girls. On a recent trip to Myanmar, my….

    Today we are launching our 23rd Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility Report. One of our main themes is how we are turning intentions into impact. And this impact is perhaps best exemplified through our Technology for Good programs.