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    Category: Health

      The objective of SDG #6 – Clean Water and Sanitation – is to improve water quality so that everyone has access to clean water by 2030. To assess whether the water you are drinking is safe or not, you need to know if it contain impurities, environmental toxins or dangerous microorganisms, and be able….

    The use of telecommunications technology has exploded globally, creating huge opportunities to connect people, enabling business efficiencies and transforming every aspect of our society. Some of those risks include dangers to children and are inherent, so we need to do more to protect children. I believe this issue should come to the forefront of more….

    This guest post by Dr. Brenda Connor, Head of Smart Cities and Intelligent Transportation Systems, Ericsson North America, was originally published on November 15 on the Networked Society Blog. In New York City today, the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce hosts the 2016 Green Summit. Each year, the Green Summit provides a venue to delve into pressing….

    What do you think the Coca-Cola Company and Ericsson could have in common? The first one is the world’s largest beverage company and the second one is the world leader in mobile communications and ICT. The answer is a common quest to invent sustainable solutions that positively impact rural communities’ well-being.

    Today we are happy to feature a guest post from Lars Peder Svensson, a Technical Solutions Expert who was deployed through our Ericsson Response program to Sierra Leone to help in the fight against Ebola. After several months, he returned to Sweden just last week: Every volunteer who has ever been part of deploying WIDER….

    At Ericsson, we have been a leading voice from the private sector for many years on the power of public-private partnerships in advocating for a more sustainable future. Partnerships take many shapes but fill critical roles in driving sustainability advocacy.

    Smartphones are reaching critical mass, and people and devices are constantly generating data. Whether it is streaming a video, playing the latest game or making in-app purchases, user activity generates data about people’s needs and preferences, and the quality of their experiences. In a new white paper, Ericsson estimates that by 2018 each device will….