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Category: Millennium Villages

Earlier this year I attended an event in London on the theme of girls in education and had the pleasure of meeting Simon Muskett, who was also there to represent Ericsson at our Connect to Learn stand. We’ve kept in touch, and he’s given me great insight into our Connect to Learn and volunteer programs…..

If asked, could you draw a comparison between New York and Rwanda? For many in the Western world, they see no similarities, no connections. As for me – I sell the same ICT infrastructure and services to New York as I sell to Rwanda. And I see the same opportunities for development and enablement via….

Some 65 million girls around the world do not have an opportunity to learn. There are many reasons why their access to education is limited, including limited access to teachers, schools and learning resources. However, we know that educated girls and women are healthier, have the skills to make choices over their own future and….

For Khoudja Samb in the Senegalese village area of Potou, today was “Bring Your Film Crew to Work” day. As part of the One Million Community Health Workers campaign, we are documenting what life is like when you combine technology and training with dedicated populations in remote areas.

Today we reached another milestone with the launch of our 20th Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Report, documenting our efforts and performance for 2012, but also setting our vision for the coming years.