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    Category: Refugees

    Our world is facing more humanitarian challenges than ever before. The UNHCR estimates that over 65 million people were displaced by conflict and persecution in 2015 alone. At the same time, the Geneva Conventions are being ignored, with civilians and aid workers increasingly made targets of violence. And never have we been more informed or….

    Ours is a world divided by several disparities, and gender is one of them. While popular portrayals in the international media highlight the modern superwoman figure who can have it all and do it all, the reality in many parts of the world is quite different. Child marriage, sex trafficking of young girls across borders,….

    Our Connect to Learn (CTL) project in northern Iraq – a partnership with the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and Asiacell – recently received two corporate social responsibility awards in Dubai, where I had the privilege of representing Ericsson at the ceremonies. The Iraq project has led to more than 6,000 girls and boys at 10….

    Earlier this year I attended an event in London on the theme of girls in education and had the pleasure of meeting Simon Muskett, who was also there to represent Ericsson at our Connect to Learn stand. We’ve kept in touch, and he’s given me great insight into our Connect to Learn and volunteer programs…..

    Editor’s note: Today we are honored to feature a guest post by Forest Whitaker, CEO of the Whitaker Peace & Development Initiative (WPDI) and UNESCO Special Envoy. Founded by Whitaker in 2012, WPDI provides holistic peacebuilding training that focuses on conflict transformation. As the technology partner to WPDI, Ericsson provides ICT equipment for the youth-based….

    Editor’s note: Since 2010, Ericsson has been the lead technology partner for Refugees United (REFUNITE), a non-profit organization dedicated to help displaced people locate missing family and loved ones. Ericsson has supported development of an online family reconnection platform, providing technical expertise, and engaging with mobile network operators, other social organizations and employees to achieve….

    At the World Economic Forum in Davos, we announced that Ericsson was the first company to commit to the UN Secretary General and OHCA’s Connecting Business initiative and will highlight that commitment at the initiative’s launch at the upcoming World Humanitarian Summit (WHS).

    In July last year, I wrote a blog post about training I provided on behalf of Ericsson in Erbil, Northern Iraq for our partners, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) on our enhanced Connect To Learn (CTL) educational platform. The partnership is now being launched at Mobile World Congress (MWC) this week, so I thought it….

    From a sustainability perspective, 2015 was a historic year, and two main developments stand out on the macro level: the passage of the Global Goals in September and the global climate agreement in December, both of which should surely steer the world on a more sustainable pathway. And according to the World Bank, for the….