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Category: Sustainability

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I grew up in the countryside in Sweden. My parents had a big farm, at least compared to other farms in Sweden. They were dedicated to make sure that the approach to agriculture was done in a holistic and circular way, today this is often referred to as regenerative agriculture.

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Discarded electrical equipment (e-waste) is one of the fastest growing waste streams in the world in terms of volume. According to the report ’Global E-waste Monitor 2017’ from ITU/UNU, the amount of e-waste reached 44.7 million tonnes in 2016, estimated to continue growing to reach 52.2 million tonnes in 2021. Failing to recycle e-waste is….

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The threat of climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time. To reach the Paris Agreement targets, PWC estimates that the world economy must reduce its carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions per dollar of income by 6.3% per year until year 2100. At the same time, ICT has drastically changed the way….

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Ten years have passed since Ericsson’s former CEO Carl-Henric Svanberg addressed the UN General Assembly – a rare intervention from the private sector at that time. His remarks focused on Ericsson’s conviction that communication technology and connectivity in particular could play a significant role in helping to reach the Millennium Development Goals – the predecessors….

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In July of this year, manufacturing growth in Vietnam showed its highest level in seven years amid faster export growth. Indeed, its strong manufacturing sector has allowed the country to have one of the fastest growing economies in the world to date, with data from their General Statistics Office (GSO) registering a 6.8 percent increase….

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Earlier this year I had the opportunity to get involved in a very important initiative in Chile driven by Business Sweden and the Swedish Embassy known as Sustainability Program. A variety of the Program’s activities – including a number of local workshops, debates and presentations – took place during the first half of 2018, with the….

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Editor’s note: This blog post was originally published on July 13, 2018, on the Ericsson Research Blog. Meet Kaspian Jakobsson and follow his journey on what started as an internship leading to an extended experience for life; from developing a database explorer, interesting events, Ericsson’s CEO Börje Ekholm and a UI containing sustainable ICT solutions. Students from….

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As a member of the sustainability research team at Ericsson for the past several years, I have become increasingly aware of the fact that certain characteristics of my home country, Sweden, make it a great place to explore the role of ICT in moving societies towards a more sustainable future. Sweden scores well in terms….

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I recently attended the High Level Sustainable Development Goals Business Conference in Sarajevo, which focused on the topic of how businesses can contribute to the achievement of the SDGs. The conference was organized by the UN Office and the Swedish Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Ericsson was one of a few Swedish companies invited….

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  Earlier this month, I represented Ericsson at the international conference Sweden Foodtech Big Meet, a key event around the idea of building a next-generation food system based on tech, data, sustainability and health. Katarina Luhr, Stockholm’s vice mayor, opened the conference with a speech that stressed the importance of sustainable food and agriculture in….