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Tag: connected devices

Around 1.3 million people are killed each year on our roads. A further 20-50 million are injured. As is well reported in the media, a number of these crashes are caused by drivers being distracted by information technology. What isn’t as well reported is that mobile technology can play a major role in reducing the….

The Congo River flows lazily past the Ericsson offices where David and I were stationed for a few days last week. Butterflies swarm through the air and beyond the masses of water the city of Brazzaville is basking in the sun. It’s hard to believe this fertile and lush country is home to some of….

Dodi Axelson talks to the winners of this years Hackathon at Mobile World Congress 2013, HelpMapp- their app allows people in a big city to connect to other people in real time who may need their help. The help can be anything from emergency support, to medical assistance to food and transport.

Dodi Axelson reports live from the Hackathon at Mobile World Congress, where developers are busy coding ‘Apps for Sustainable Cities’. The developers have 36 hours to come up with a Web RTC based application that helps meet challenges such as waste, resource efficiency, or air and water pollution. Winners will be treated to a trip….