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Tag: sustainable development

Photo caption: Self-driving shuttle bus transporting passengers in Kista (Stockholm, Sweden) – just one example of an IoT solution that contributes to sustainable development. The World Economic Forum (WEF) recently published a white paper based on an analysis of more than 640 Internet of Things (IoT) deployments worldwide that suggests it is possible to maximize….

Editor’s note: Today we’re featuring a guest post by Sofie Blakstad and Rob Allen of Hiveonline, the winner of the recent Ericsson Garage Start-Up Challenge.  You can read about the contest and the incubation process or check out the Ericsson Garage site for more information. This post was first published on The Networked Society blog. Sofie says that she is….

The World Economic Forum in Durban, South Africa, covered many topics related to gender parity, including education and training “Achieving inclusive growth through responsive and responsible leadership” was the theme of the 2017 World Economic Forum on Africa held in Durban, South Africa, last week. Several of the panel discussions touched on the topic of….

Elaine Weidman Grunewald, Vice President of Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility at Ericsson, reflects in a new video on UN Week, the #TellEveryone campaign and the passing of the Global Goals by the United Nations General Assembly. “For us, at Ericsson, that means making sure than information and communication technology is at the heart of all….

Traffic is bad. New York City traffic is worse. New York City traffic during UN Week, hours before the Pope is set to arrive…well I believe the term is “fughetaboutit”. Yes, the commute to the First Annual New York Climate Week Industry and Technology Forum was challenging and somewhat ironic. Ironic because solving problems with….

It isn’t often that my morning starts with a speech from a President. And by often I mean never. So when Her Excellency Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, President of the Republic of Liberia and Nobel Peace Prize winner, kicked off the 2015 International Conference on Sustainable Development (IC-SD) at Columbia University in New York City with….

At Ericsson, we have been a leading voice from the private sector for many years on the power of public-private partnerships in advocating for a more sustainable future. Partnerships take many shapes but fill critical roles in driving sustainability advocacy.

Ericsson’s Executive Media Summit took place this past weekend in Båstad, Sweden, in conjunction with the Swedish Open Tennis tournament. Executives from the media and broadcast industry gathered for 2 days to discuss the latest trends and industry developments, as well as business opportunities and challenges. Speakers and thought leaders included Martin Lorentzon, Co-Founder of….