AR - it’s reality, only better

    Augmented reality. Sounds futuristic, right? Fact is augmented reality, or AR, is fast becoming an integral part of living in a networked society. AR is like looking at the world through bionic eyes. From the browser on your smartphone, you can buy tickets while looking at a movie poster, see the ingredients for the meal you are about to order or find the location of the nearest bathroom. It’s about making life easier, by placing layers of digital information on top of a physical reality. And it is not just a thing of the future. AR is reality today – just better.


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    • RT @iamscicomm: This #augmentedreality #scicomm & #sciedu tool looks pretty awesome.

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    • This #augmentedreality #scicomm & #sciedu tool looks pretty awesome.

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    Augmented Reality in action at MWC 2011

    Augmented Reality in action at MWC 2011

    It only takes few seconds to see what AR can do. We have three very short and snappy YouTube films from Mobile Word Congress to prove the point. Go on – give them a look.

    Find what you need – fast

    I’ll have what she’s having

    Just like in the movies

    CNN reports on AR

    External views

    This report from CNN shows how augmented reality is adding a new dimension to our world.

    Watch it on CNN