Connected Me

    Connected Me

    Imagine that your body is part of a network – able to transmit information, images and codes – simply by touching an object. This ability is now possible through a technology known as capacitive coupling. Connected Me is an Ericsson concept that demonstrates capacitive coupling, and the power of touch, at speeds of up to 10Mbps.

    The human body works like an electrical circuit, with both capacitance and resistance and through capacitive coupling it becomes possible to transmit data to and from a mobile device using the body as a cable. Connected Me is a concept for human body communication that will make life a whole lot simpler. Imagine unlocking a door by holding the handle, confirming a purchase by touching the check-out counter, exchanging business cards by shaking hands or connecting to a printer simply by touching it.

    Looking further ahead, more advanced applications become possible such as embedded medical devices or printed electronics that allow you to grab links, downloads and information, just by touching a piece of paper.

    The ability to transfer data through touch represents the ultimate in super-simple connectivity. So ask yourself this: how connected are you?

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    Transfer data through touch

    Connected Me makes use of our natural instinct to touch things while using our body to transmit information at high speeds.

    Connected Me infographic

    The human body can be part of a communications network. With one hand on a smartphone and the other on a connected device, it is possible to transmit information instantly and at high speeds.

    connected me

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