1. Exploring the galaxy with augmented reality

Exploring the galaxy with augmented reality

There has been a lot of talk about augmented reality in the last few years and we now see that AR apps are hitting the market. I believe augmented reality will impact the way we interact with the physical world, how we get information about the world and how we learn.

Imagine a world where everything is tagged with information – every single milk package, building, museum object or historical site. Imagine walking around in Pompeii or Paestum and seeing the ancient world through the screen of your smartphone or tablet computer. This evolution is just around the corner.

An application I really love is the Star Walk app that guides you through all stars in the sky. You simply hold your phone up to the sky and it can guide you through the galaxy making it so easy and so interesting to learn about stars. Best thing is that you can find this app at an app market near you already today. What is your favorite augmented reality app?

Written by Mikael Eriksson Björling

Mikael is Senior Lead Designer at Ericsson UX Lab and an Ericsson Evangelist. He was previously Director at the Networked Society Lab. His specialty is in understanding how consumer behavior, emerging technologies and new industry logics are shaping the future society and in the intersection of these areas build great user experiences. Mikael believes that with the ongoing digital transformation we have a great opportunity to shape a better world. Mikael joined Ericsson in 1998 and is based in Stockholm. You can engage with him on Twitter at: @mikaeleb or at LinkedIn.


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