1. Operators take on Social TV at the Monaco Media Forum

Operators take on Social TV at the Monaco Media Forum

TV is becoming increasingly social with a range of applications now available to consumers. Seeing Orange TV Check, an over-the-top service, presented by Patrice Slupowski from Orange at the Monaco Media Forum last week was really intersting in light of recent developments.

The TV Check service is a social TV application for smartphones. The user simply points the phone at the TV screen and the service recognizes the program that is on  TV.

As soon as the program is identified, the user is able to tell their Facebook friends about the program. If you watch the same program often, you might become the ‘master’ of that program or channel (similar to being a Foursquare mayor).

The idea is to create a social TV experience in the same way people have social Tv experiences when they talk about TV at the coffee machine. Users can connect with people who like the same type of programs through Facebook and get TV recommendations from their friends.

Many speakers at the Forum believed that consumers will become increasingly challenged to find and identify content with the increased selection of on-demand video services and a tsunami of content to choose from. Social recommendations together with smart search services were believed to be the way forward.

The TV Check service competes with existing internet services such as GetGlue
But Guillaume Lacroix from Orange said during a panel discussion “that there is no reason why operators can’t do what internet companies do.”

Orange will launch TV Check in France first and then later in other countries. The service will be open for all consumers regardless what mobile carrier they have.

Orange also acquired 49 percent stake in Dailymotion earlier this year and they just recently announced that they acquires a 34 percent minority interest in Skyrock’s web operations.

Written by Mikael Eriksson Björling

Mikael is Senior Lead Designer at Ericsson UX Lab and an Ericsson Evangelist. He was previously Director at the Networked Society Lab. His specialty is in understanding how consumer behavior, emerging technologies and new industry logics are shaping the future society and in the intersection of these areas build great user experiences. Mikael believes that with the ongoing digital transformation we have a great opportunity to shape a better world. Mikael joined Ericsson in 1998 and is based in Stockholm. You can engage with him on Twitter at: @mikaeleb or at LinkedIn.


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