1. My three-step guide to get you online


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My three-step guide to get you online

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Yesterday, I wrote about the need for men in today’s society to take their networking online and use the social-media tools available to them to enhance their personal and business prospects.

Here is my suggested three-step guide to get you online, exchanging ideas and making contacts:

Networked Man 1.0 – During your first month, create a platform

• Define the topics that concern you, or that you want to have influence over in the future.
• Gain an understanding of the basic mechanisms for influencing people in the social-media world; for example, read Digital Leader – 5 Simple Keys to Success and Influence by Erik Qualman.
• Establish Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts and start to “listen” to a handful of people you trust.
• Start measuring your influence score with Klout, Kred and PeerIndex to see where you start from, and you will be delighted to see progress soon.

Networked Man 2.0 – Follow your influencers, 15 minutes a day for the first three months

• Start reading a few blogs on a regular basis, and pay attention to how they are written, and take inspiration from Heidi Cohen’s blogs on blogging.
• Get a deeper understanding of how digital influencing really works; for example, read Return on Influence: The Revolutionary Power of Klout, Social Scoring, and Influence Marketing by Mark Shaefer.
• Start retweeting tweets/links/pictures that you like on Twitter and/or LinkedIn
• Play around with possible tools – for example, WordPress, tumblr, Blogger, Pinterest, Gentlemint and foursquare – that could help you convey your thoughts.

Networked Man 3.0 – Start influencing for two focused hours a week

• Find a storytelling format that suits you, and stick to it. The art of writing is like cooking using basic skills and tweaking each dish from the base.
• Identify a young woman interested in becoming your digital mentor. Daughter, co-worker or friend – it does not matter. Be open to their ideas on how you can best convey your points.
• Start blogging or sharing pictures about a topic you like; we are all experts on something. Spread the links to your blog through your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn accounts.
• Start making your own comments to the links you retweet, and do it daily.

Written by Peter Linder

Peter Linder is a Networked Society evangelist at Ericsson. He describes himself as a versatile visualizer, alliteration aficionado, movie maker and kinetic keynoter. His contributions focus on seven fields of market development: #SocietyShaping, #IndustryInnovations, #DeviceDiversification, #UnlockingUsers, #VersatileVideo, #NetworkNovelties and #BoldBusinessmodels. Peter joined Ericsson in 1991 and is currently based in Dallas, Texas.

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