1. Make creativity grow while going with the Flow


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Make creativity grow while going with the Flow


Could we connect devices and objects through mobile broadband network to deliver business and social benefits? And could we do this by tapping into data flows in mobile broadband networks?

I recently had an interesting discussion about these issues with Eva Sparr, Head of Marketing at our Business Unit Networks. Eva started talking about the ‘Flow’ business logic – one of the so-called Square Logics. To share these ideas with you, I invited Eva as a guest blogger:


We don’t need to look far to see that mobile broadband is changing our lives. Think about the smartphones in our pockets – they connect us with each other and, to an increasing extent, to the infrastructure around us, from power grids to warning systems and more. In many ways, mobile broadband networks have become the nervous system of society. Every connected device acts like a node in this system and helps to generate enormous data flows that we can use to sense, analyze and respond to real-world events or flows.

There are already some great examples of how this connectivity is helping to create more efficient, livable and ultimately more sustainable societies. A dam utility in India is now measuring water and soil pressure wirelessly, allowing warnings of potential landslides to be given up to 24 hours in advance. In Norway, wireless roadside monitoring means traffic flow management is now possible in real time. A French water company is using mobile broadband networks to read water meters remotely and collect data from environmental sensors that measure noise and pollution.

These illustrate what we can call the ‘Flow’ logic – where we connect devices and use data from mobile broadband networks to deliver social and business benefits. Flow is one of our three business logics – the other two are Pro and Citizen – that describe innovative business models for mobile broadband and show how operators and other players are already rethinking their mobile broadband businesses to find new opportunities.

By incorporating logics such as this into their strategic thinking, operators, industries and public institutions can be inspired to rethink what is possible with superior performing mobile broadband networks. Less traffic congestion, safer societies and more accurate environmental monitoring are just the tip of what is possible if we start thinking in terms of the Flow logic. Of course, making sure that data is handled securely and that individuals’ privacy and integrity are always protected is of critical importance.

Just imagine if we could scale this. The infrastructure is already in place and is constantly evolving to meet customer demands. Today’s networks, customer contact systems and billing solutions form the foundations for similar services, so it’s time for the industry to come together and actively start exploring and developing solutions. Put simply, go with the Flow! We are only at the beginning.

Eva Sparr
Head of Marketing, Business Unit Networks

Listening to Eva, what’s your take on this? Can our connected devices really deliver social benefits?

Written by Ulrika Bergström

Ulrika believes that people should be at the center of every new innovation. She is interested in the developments taking place in ICT and how they are influencing our day-to-day lives. At Ericsson, she has worked in marketing and communications, market research, and strategy.

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