1. The Network is the organization


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The Network is the organization

Crowdsourcing image

I wrote earlier about how creative people use tools and resources found on the web to realize their ideas. We call them the Game Changers, and we found out that they organize their work using ten different networked organizational forms (see image).

These ways of organizing work is used within any field of creativity; from fashion startups and charity, to journalism and music creation. If we look at music and the DJ community they have for a long time employed remixing as a way to create music; like in the Jamaican dance hall culture of the late 60s or the disco culture of the 70s. Modern DJ’s are also remixing, borrowing, copying, reusing, interacting, contributing and creating new tunes and beats to create new music.

Remixing is a snowballing organizational process of production escalating throughout a network were one individual takes the project as far as she feels like and shares it online. The next individual takes the project and remixes further to alter or improve it.

At the moment the Swedish DJ Avicii is driving a global music collaboration aiming to create a new Avicii single with our help. You and me, using crowdsourcing as organizational form. Crowdsourcing is a derivate of outsourcing, but to the crowd instead of to commercial organizations. In Avicii’s project, almost 13,000 sounds have been generated from a crowd of 4,000 people from more than 100 countries around the globe.

Today am going to vote on the best break and be part of the crowd. How about you?

Written by Mikael Eriksson Björling

Mikael is an Ericsson Networked Society Evangelist and Director at the Networked Society Lab. His specialty is in understanding how new consumer behavior, emerging technologies and industry logics are shaping the future society, and he believes that we have great opportunities right now to shape a better world. Mikael joined Ericsson in 1998 and is based in Stockholm. You can follow him on Twitter at: @mikaeleb

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