1. Trends from CES 2014 – from the future telco perspective


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Trends from CES 2014 – from the future telco perspective

CES 2014

The news is full of stories covering the major trends at CES. From wearables to the Internet of Things, Connected Cars and the usual plethora of giant TV’s. Robots are a new and growing category. But what are the most important trends that operators, especially mobile operators, need to understand?

Devices are becoming multi-access and different access networks need to seamlessly work together to cope with the massively increasing demand on bandwidth. The different networks need to be intelligent and manageable; access needs to be controllable to ensure devices use the most appropriate access at the appropriate time. The Wi-Fi forums have started speaking to the NFC community. Mobile operators need to speak to them all. The only way to cope with the massive growth in network demand, that needs to reliably work, requires interworking and coordinated access with minimum interference. A holistic agnostic network approach is required.

Remember, all these devices are not just phones – they are not all devices for communication between people. These devices are small, independent, sensing units. These devices “speak” all the time yet only shout very, very small messages. They do not speak to servers, they speak to each other. They do not require humans yet they interact with us all. This is the end of the document-serving internet and the beginning of the real-time internet. The internet of NOW.

Privacy and security
The conversation of privacy and security is moving from being a side conversation to being a central requirement. As devices increasingly become mission critical for the organizations that operate them and the people that use them, they need to be secure and trusted – not as an afterthought but as a central tenant of design. Not having these capabilities is equivalent to a bank leaving its safe open with all our money exposed there for the taking. Our identities need to be secure and our data needs to be visible only to those authorized to have access.

We all need to make money
There is more money in photography these days, yet less physical film. There will be more communication in the future than ever before, just less telecom. We need to rethink what future communication is. We need to rethink what is communicating, how and why. We need to understand when best effort is OK and high precision is a requirement. We need to rethink what assets we actually have and own. Our trust, our business regulation, our data, our guarantees. Voice minutes and text messages will still be valuable but may not generate direct revenue. We are already experiencing this reality.

Capturing best practice of the above will allow us to design agnostic access networks with the right security and privacy levels that will maximize future business opportunities with the right yield and margins. As the world leader in wireless access design come speak to us. Ask us what your future network needs to look like.

Written by Geoff Hollingworth

All things cloud. The promise of cloud technology of today has fallen short for the world’s largest enterprises. The need for speed, control and security is more important than ever as the planet is re-orchestrated from an offline physical operation to businesses living in the now and trading data in real time. My passion is change so all people and businesses can deliver on their true potential. Software designer, marketeer, business developer and running global product marketing for Ericsson Cloud. Ericsson Evangelist #5. Follow Geoff on twitter at @geoffworth

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