1. Getting policies right is a must


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Getting policies right is a must

Getting policies right

After three days of meetings here in Barcelona, speaking about the benefits of the Networked Society with regulators and ministers from a countless countries, it has become clear how crucial the role of policy makers is in facilitating progressive change. This change must be about using ICT to create new growth opportunities that enable broad-based and sustainable enhancements to citizens’ well-being.

The Networked Society is a vision of ICT-led societal change driven by mobility, broadband, cloud and digitization. As ICT increasingly becomes an integral part of every sector of the economy, it broadly changes basic value, creating conditions that open up new windows of opportunity for radical and disruptive innovation. It also changes the logic of how value is created in most industries and lowers barriers for new innovation to occur, therefore making it more inclusive. It also empowers consumers to participate and collaborate in value-creating activities blurring the line between production and consumption. All this and more is what makes ICT transformative, creating decades long growth opportunities for societies.

However, there is no deterministic, built-in outcome into any technology and benefits of technological progress are not necessarily always distributed fairly. Let us therefore not forget that making the right policy choices will shape the pace, size, sustainability and distribution of the socioeconomic progress that can be achieved in the Networked Society.

Getting policies right is a must!

Written by Rene Summer

Director of Government and Industry Relations Rene is responsible for policy, formulation and promotion research in the areas of telecom regulation, TV-broadcast regulation, media regulation, copyright, advertising, state aid and consumer privacy.

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