1. We know about the future of connected cars, but what about the old ones?


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    We know about the future of connected cars, but what about the old ones?

    Over the years, we have explored the future of connected cars here on the Networked Society Blog. The car industry – maybe more correctly, the whole transport industry – is in a rapid transformation right now. A transformation that includes includes autonomy, electrification, and connectivity. We recently learned about Ericsson powering the worlds first truly digital car, the Lynk & Co 01, offering applications and services to the car that were never before possible. That’s exciting stuff, but what about older cars like my Audi from 2010?

    Until now, I have had a special device in my car’s On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) port. The device connects to my phone, giving me some basic information to help me drive as eco-friendly as possible. Even if it has been quite fun to explore how different driving styles affect the fuel consumption, it has not been the connected experience modern cars can offer.

    But yesterday, my operator, Telia, released a device that fits the OBD connector without requiring my phone for connection, as it has its own 4G chip inside for direct connection. And it already has two of the most popular functions of a connected car. It remembers where I parked it (showing me a map on my phone) and it offers true 4G connectivity in the car over Wi-Fi. I can switch on geofencing (so I get an alarm if the car is being moved) and bump warnings (if someone bumps into my car on the parking lot, I get a notification). I can even get a notification if I parked my car somewhere where I risk getting a ticket.




    But wait, there’s more! It includes a driver log application. I can subscribe to a service that offers to book my car inspection when it’s due. I will also be able to get an insurance premium based on my driving habits. Follow the speed limits – lower insurance. If you do a lot of speeding, maybe don’t opt-in for this… The platform is open for any partner to connect, so in the future new services will be offered to me as a driver.

    The whole platform is built by my operator in cooperation with Ericsson. Our platforms have made it possible for the operator to create a service that helps drivers of older cars to get a glimpse of the future. Not only that, it offers families like mine the possibility to have really happy kids sitting in the back seat.


    Written by Mats Guldbrand

    Mats has been working for Ericsson since 1995. With a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Human Resource Development & Labour Relations with advanced studies in Personal Management & Educational Planning at Stockholm University, he took part in the development of Ericsson's internal competence system. Then in 2000 Mats started working solely with customer presentations of Ericsson solutions and services. He is a highly skilled presenter with a primary focus on the Networked Society.

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