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AI, 5G and more! You need to read our top 10 posts of 2017

5G, AI, the internet of skills and, of course, race cars.  These were just a few themes that resonated with the readers of the Big Ideas Blog in 2017.
This seemed to be a year of both taking stock and looking ahead, as we debate the effects of technology on our daily lives and also start […]

What is the 5G journey from showcase to use(ful)case?

In 2017, there has been an ever-stronger industry commitment to 5G. But now our focus must shift to turning all the fancy showcases we’ve seen at events into use-cases. Or rather useful-cases, in which the 5G capabilities are prioritized where they matter the most.

How will microwave backhaul meet the 5G challenge?

Microwave backhaul was once considered a handicraft oddity but today it is omnipresent in virtual fiber networks. This wireless transport media has been innovated and re-invented to meet the backhaul needs for every new mobile system generation – from 2G to today – with each providing new services and supporting much higher data rates.
Still, you […]

Dear Santa, can you get an electric bike down my chimney?

Christmas is soon here! Time is running short, and I still haven’t done any gift shopping… Being a Swede, for me the obvious first place to look for gift ideas is the Swedish Retail Institute (HUI Research), who have been selecting the Christmas gift of the year since 1988. And this year, they have chosen… […]

What is the future of truth? Global innovation competition looks for answers

On December 9 people from all over the world gathered at the Nobel Week Dialogue in Gothenburg, Sweden to discuss one of the hottest topics of the past two years: The Future of Truth. The theme also inspired the 2018 Ericsson Innovation Awards (EIA) student competition. This year’s regional winners were announced to the backdrop […]

How performance analytics takes sport to the next level

Sport clubs like Paris Saint-Germain and Chelsea are going digital as they envisage a new level of sport performance analytics. And we can support this next generation sport analytics with platforms collecting any type of sensory data and with analytics suites enabling real-time correlation and presentation of data in human readable format to experts of sport […]

Net neutrality and how to keep the internet open for innovation

The debate over net neutrality goes way back. In significant ways, it reaches all the way to the early 1980s, even before I spent nearly seven years at the FCC between 1997 and 2004.
We’ve been deeply involved at Ericsson in the current debate for almost a decade now, and we have consistently supported a framework for net neutrality that gives […]