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Mobile edge brings mixed reality to life

Editor’s note:  Today we’re featuring a guest post from Eric Qian, Head of IoT & Analytics, Ericsson Business Innovation.
Think about your living room space transformed into an interactive seamless augmented game environment—welcome to the Ericsson mixed reality showcase at Mobile World Congress 2018. Using lightweight AR glasses, users can interact with bouncing balls with precision […]

5 things you need to know about the 5G consumer business case

Enhanced mobile broadband will be the first large-scale global use case for 5G, a point that President and CEO Börje Ekholm emphasized in his press conference at Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona.
Let’s look at five findings from a new report that highlight this 5G consumer business case.

Step inside the future factory

Ever since the industrial revolution and resulting shift to new manufacturing processes, manufacturers have evolved their industrial production systems to increase productivity, gain efficiencies and grow profits.

Ericsson Industry Watch

5G study: 5 ways industries can make the most of 5G

Ericsson has asked 10 industries how they plan to leverage 5G in a global study covering 900 companies, with more than 1000 employees each. Five insights on focus, expectations, pain points, premium price potential and timing give us a view who might be first out.

Digital sleeping pills – take two every night

Falling asleep in the evening is a constant struggle. Even worse, I wake up around 3am and can’t get back to sleep again. I do not know how many days I’ve spent walking around like a sleep-deprived zombie. But then I discovered digital sleeping pills.

Building trust in autonomous vehicle safety

Societies around the world are currently facing a plague, the effect of which can be seen on our roads every day. Traffic-related deaths have climbed to 1.4 million annually, and that number could double if we don’t make real changes in the way we design cars. For the past 22 years, I have worked at […]

How can service providers move up the IoT value chain?

For generations, technology has transformed how we communicate, educate, entertain, consume, and conduct business. Looking to the future, IoT is set to make similarly massive and somewhat unpredictable changes to our environment.
While this strange new world is undoubtedly full of opportunities for ICT players looking to move up the IoT value chain, it also presents […]

Telecom operators in pole position as enterprises embrace IoT

With 20 billion IoT devices predicted by 2023, IoT has truly become a powerful catalyst for industry transformation. While we have witnessed impressive market developments in recent years, IoT remains as complex as ever. In a recent webinar, we sifted through some of the complexity facing telecom service providers in a bid to help them […]

Setting the route for autonomous electric buses

Kista is the unassuming neighborhood north of Sweden’s capital city which Ericsson calls home. During the dark winter months, the streets are usually calm in Kista. But starting in January, something very remarkable is on the move in this otherwise conventional area.

What you need to know about the (virtual reality) future of retail

I’ve always wondered what the future of retail would be like. Most of my thoughts involved a combination of scenes from futuristic movies and my desire to have more efficient shopping experiences. I was thrilled to find out that in the future, brands will care about more than just making money from me, but will […]