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Just how fast is a 5G network going to be? Watch this video

5G isn’t just fast. It’s rock and roll fast.

Why is innovation the buzzword right now?

What exactly is innovation? And how does it work in the business transformation context within ICT?

The photo we’d all like to step inside – virtual reality memories!

Summers were much longer than they are today when I was a kid. The sun was always shining and the water in the sea was so warm that you could stay in it all day. There was just so much fun, our summerhouse was like paradise.

Why Alexa won’t have the last laugh

The voice of laughter has been echoing ominously across the web for the last several days. But the reason why it has caused such uproar is not that it was the revengeful voice of some sort of real-life supervillain with a plan to wreak havoc on earth. Instead, it was the rather innocent voice of […]

How one company is powering IoT devices – wirelessly

By 2023, there will be 20 billion connected IoT devices, according to the Ericsson Mobility Report.
But what will power these billions of IoT devices?

Connected vehicle technology – everything you need to know in 2018

Spring 2018 has been a busy and exciting season for me. I am happy for the chance to step out of the lab to share what we are working on at Ericsson with audiences at a number of events, including 5GAA, Mobile World Congress and the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show. When I visit such […]

Ericsson Garage meets Mobile World Congress

Editor’s note: Live from the Mobile World Congress show floor, we are featuring a guest post from Sándor Albrecht, Head of Ericsson Garage.
For the first time in the history of Ericsson Garage, we are at MWC! It’s so exciting to meet service providers, industry partners, startups and incubators to discuss how we can shape the […]