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Energy efficient IoT: How to connect billions without consuming billions

How can we make the IoT energy efficient? We hear a lot about how everything is being connected and that batteries will last for 10 years. What we don’t hear so much about is how to practically make the devices consume as little power as needed. And we don’t talk enough about how much the […]

George Orwell’s ‘1984’ is NOT a user manual

My son is 14 and needs to read a novel in English class. Last time he picked ‘The Man in the High Castle’ by Philip K. Dick and managed to confuse his English teacher who had never heard of the author. So this time, I talked him into picking something easier, namely ‘1984’ by George […]

What we need to make 5G use cases a reality

I recently had the opportunity to attend the 5G showcase event at King’s College London. There was a very diverse audience from the private sector, academia, the media and government bodies who heard from global leaders on the possibilities for this next generation of connectivity, highlighting its capacity to transform societies, economies, businesses, individuals and […]

Is virtual reality live sports viewing the future of basketball? Some of the sport’s superstars think so! Watch this video…

Imagine a network so fast that you can shoot baskets or catch a football or even drive a car in real life and in real time while wearing a VR headset connected to a camera.

What happens when you bring together global innovators and disrupters? Magic

Connectivity and mobility are going to transform industry after industry, creating markets we can’t even imagine right now.
How does one company compete across that wide of a playing field?
Simple.  They can’t.  This is why building ecosystems – with startups, academia and established companies – are so important as we enter the age of 5G, AI […]

Machine intelligence when automation is not an option

How can a machine learn from experience? And what is learning anyway for a machine?
A good way to answer these questions is with probabilistic modeling, where researchers use models in which there are multiple possible outcomes, each having varying degrees of certainty or uncertainty of their occurrence.

Cellular networks deliver industrial IoT connectivity – cut the cables for flexible production

Manufacturers may not need to know all the in-and-outs of networks and wireless technology, but I think they should know this much: cellular provides one simple, wireless solution to IoT and a fully digitalized industry.

Is smart advertising becoming too smart for its own good?

When we buy things online, we tend to rely a lot on the information we find on the internet. And when more people buy more things online, influencing that information will make more business sense to more companies.

Driverless car regulation – rules of the autonomous road

Projected to be road-ready in five to seven years, driverless cars are on the minds of politicians, policy makers and city planners around the world.

Nine clusters to simplify the operator challenge in making the best use case choices for 5G

5G has quickly become top of mind for consumers and businesses alike as a network technology with the potential to improve a large variety of use cases. But with the large potential also comes the challenge for operators to choose which use cases will drive their initial investments. This blogpost is about a strategy designed […]