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A seven-year-old’s view on connected transportation

“What are we waiting for, mum!?”
A few weeks ago, I was driving my seven-year-old daughter to the swimming pool. She was sitting in the passenger seat next to me selecting music from her Spotify playlist when she suddenly asked me, “What’s your job, mum?”

IoT and healthcare: creating powerful IoT networks, without much power

When it comes to functionality, today’s massive IoT solutions must meet three key requirements: extended coverage, long battery life and low device cost. As sensors and connected devices continue to be deployed at scale, it is critical that energy efficiency must be part of the IoT solution’s design from the start and not an afterthought.

Future of rail freight transportation – going digital to increase volume and efficiency

The rail freight industry in Europe has to transform to increase its market share and ensure sustainable economic growth. Rail freight players are not fully connected to one another and cannot share important data with other modes of transport. The ability to do this would go a long way to improving customer service, gaining operational […]

5 tech trends that are transforming the world as we know it

Every year at Ericsson, the CTO has the pleasure of presenting the upcoming technology trends based on the answers to two key questions: What will the world look like in the decades ahead, from a technology point of view, and which of those technologies are most likely to place significant demands on the future network?

You need to see how 5G will become your reality at Mobile World Congress Americas

Using sports to show off the crazy cool features of 5G makes for some amazing video – see professional American football players playing with virtual reality (VR) goggles on, or professional basketball stars doing the same at the NBA All Star Game.  And – braving even faster speeds – here’s someone in Canada catching a […]

Digital supply chain transformation – sharing data to unlock the potential in logistics

Sharing data in logistics and transportation should be easier than shipping it.