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A look into smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0

As operational technology merges with ICT, mobile communication has an important role to play towards the manufacturing industry. With that said, 80% of Industrial IoT is wired and fixed networks dominate in factories.

How important is social media for you?

I have been a very active social media user for close to 15 years now, or to put it another way – about half of my life. It was not until I started doing research about how consumers are using social media however, and that ended up being published as #OMG social media is here […]

Technology trends 2018 – a look back

Let us take a look back to December 2017, when Ericsson ConsumerLab released our 10 Hot Consumer Trends report for 2018. What were our predictions back then and what actually happened? By asking early adopters across 10 major cities about the future, I believe we got more things right than wrong. Read on and find […]

Social media and mobile tech: a match made in handheld heaven

When was the first time you got breaking news on social media?