1. It’s about doing the impossible – faster


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It’s about doing the impossible – faster

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Technology is transforming how everybody builds solutions and faster access to the latest technology gives you an unfair advantage. I work in Silicon Valley and we benefit from that unfair advantage. This is because the technology being invented here is not incremental but disruptive.

A great example of this is Joyent’s new product, Manta. Manta is storage in the cloud. Nothing new there, right? All app developers have used Amazon’s S3 service for many years. Manta is equivalent to S3 except for one major difference. You can also execute jobs on Manta. Let me explain why that is important.

We are all moving into a big data economy. A big data economy can be summed with one simple statement: “Yesterday we guessed, today we know”. Yesterday we guessed at what our customers really wanted or we looked at historical data. We made broad assumptions and we had long cycles of validation. Today, we know what our customers are doing and “like to do”, in real time. The challenge is making that information actionable as quickly as possible.

The volume of data is massive – otherwise it would be called “Little Data”. When storing in the cloud storage, your first have to have to fetch in order to analyze – something that is very time consuming and very expensive. With Joyent’s Manta solution you can run your “map reduce” job in situ on the storage. We call this a potential game changer. Also note you can run any job in situ. Manta comes with about 200 pre-defined job types but you can upload your own. An executable is just another type of file.

Since we are in Silicon Valley, we had access to the closed beta trial. Have a look at the screencast:

You will notice the inclusion of Guardtime signatures. By signing all objects with Guardtime signatures it means we no longer have to trust the cloud provider – another game changer! A technology that scales so well it has been included in rysylog.

How do we know of Guardtime? Well we met them through Joyent, who are integrating them into their cloud offering, for the above reasons. Guardtime are creating the holy grail of internet dreams – the attributable web!

So the world is changing quickly and being part of the community that is making the impossible possible is one of the joys of being in Silicon Valley. There is an energy and creativity here that I have not experienced anywhere else. And the above is just one example interaction of many. The future Networked Society will not be built by any one company alone but through the very rapid collaboration of many.

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Written by Geoff Hollingworth

All things cloud. The promise of cloud technology of today has fallen short for the world’s largest enterprises. The need for speed, control and security is more important than ever as the planet is re-orchestrated from an offline physical operation to businesses living in the now and trading data in real time. My passion is change so all people and businesses can deliver on their true potential. Software designer, marketeer, business developer and running global product marketing for Ericsson Cloud. Ericsson Evangelist #5. Follow Geoff on twitter at @geoffworth

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