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Simple check-ins equal relief in the Networked Society

Then I noticed a simple check-in on social media. The earthquake had been created as an event on Facebook and Karina checked herself in as “safe.”

Learning to say “yes and…” in the Networked Society

The blue sky rule

My boys are growing up. At age 11, I don’t get to kiss them goodnight or goodbye when I send them off to school anymore (they give me the tops of their heads). But there’s one way I know I can get affection, and it’s thanks to the Networked Society.

It’s time: The value of diversity and inclusion in the Networked Society

If our aim is to transform established models, can we rely on the ideas that built those models? If we want to make the most of the Networked Society, what do we need to do to attract the most transformative and diverse thinkers?

Whose side are you on in the Networked Society?

I heard a comment that stopped me in my tracks the other day. In a review of the Cannes film festival, critic John Powers said that his moviegoing experience had forever changed thanks to social media.
He said: “When people come out (of the theater), everybody has to have their tweet ready, or their […]

Networked Society from the beginning to the end – and beyond?

Can mobile money challenge the fortunes of King Cash in Latin America?

In Latin America people are talking about mobile money. At Ericsson, we think that, with innovation and access empowered by the Networked Society, there will be major societal shifts thanks to electronic financial transactions.

Discovering your true self in the Networked Society

This guru has this kind of keen insight into creativity, diversity and inner circles because, as she says: “It takes a lot of imagination to see yourself in the mirror as another gender.” Ophelia Pastrana began her life and career while she was a man. Then four years ago she introduced her new self to the world.

Going beyond gadgets – industry transformation at Mobile World Congress

The important thing is to see an ecosystem in its entirety – for instance, transport systems are not only about connecting trucks, they are about bringing in safety, insurance, entertainment, everything.

Drones are a few of my favorite things

That’s why a new, imaginative video from our colleagues in the Industry Transformation group at Ericsson is so much fun to watch. It takes drones today and imagines them at the next level. And the next level after that. Drones have already captured our imagination the way robots and moving sidewalks did when I watched “The Jetsons” as a youngster. Ericsson President and CEO Hans Vestberg often says in his speeches: “Only our imaginations will limit what is possible in the Networked Society.”