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Connected car legislation must put EU transport goals in the fast lane

By Joakim Reiter, Group External Affairs Director, Vodafone; Dr. Christoph Grote, Senior Vice President Electronics, BMW Group; Ulf Pehrsson, Vice President Government and Industry Relations, Ericsson.
Digitisation is driving the most significant period of change in the automotive industry since the introduction of the moving assembly line in 1913.
Today, millions of cars use mobile networks for […]

eUICC sim card – the little innovation bringing big change to the M2M market

Established enterprises that deliver hardware-based solutions are facing a daunting challenge: rising competition from new, digital-first companies, as well as cloud and service providers. Some are also proving to be victims of their own success. By providing more durable and efficient solutions, customers are also buying less of their products.

You need to check out Southeast Asia’s thriving startup scene

When you think of connected regions, Southeast Asia could be a strong contender for the top of your list. As a child, I was in awe of the connections made possible between satellite communication dishes, rockets and beyond. That passion grew alongside my consultant work with AT&T on high-speed communication for private and public networks. […]

Ericsson Garage meets Mobile World Congress

Editor’s note: Live from the Mobile World Congress show floor, we are featuring a guest post from Sándor Albrecht, Head of Ericsson Garage.
For the first time in the history of Ericsson Garage, we are at MWC! It’s so exciting to meet service providers, industry partners, startups and incubators to discuss how we can shape the […]

Mobile edge brings mixed reality to life

Editor’s note:  Today we’re featuring a guest post from Eric Qian, Head of IoT & Analytics, Ericsson Business Innovation.
Think about your living room space transformed into an interactive seamless augmented game environment—welcome to the Ericsson mixed reality showcase at Mobile World Congress 2018. Using lightweight AR glasses, users can interact with bouncing balls with precision […]

Building trust in autonomous vehicle safety

Societies around the world are currently facing a plague, the effect of which can be seen on our roads every day. Traffic-related deaths have climbed to 1.4 million annually, and that number could double if we don’t make real changes in the way we design cars. For the past 22 years, I have worked at […]

5 ways that AI will change your life

Editor’s note:  Today we are featuring a post by Ilaria Brunelli, Head of Ericsson at AT&T Foundry:
Falling costs for back-end technologies and capital investments from major brands have allowed artificial intelligence (AI) systems to prove themselves viable enablers in a variety of use cases, from mimicking human-level intelligence and beating chess champions to creating virtual […]

Six ways ITS is transforming the Dutch transport system

Editor’s note: Today we feature a post by Sander Maas, Global Offering Lead for Transport at Ericsson, who shares his expertise on connected urban transport. 
Building a connected traffic ecosystem is a challenge, but a great example of how to do it  successfully can be found in the Talking Traffic project in the Netherlands. In 2016, the Dutch […]

Exploring AI and an aging society in the Nobel Prize Dialogue

Editor’s note:  Today we are featuring a Q&A with Laura Sprechmann, Deputy CEO and Director of Partner Relations of Nobel Media, who spoke with us about the upcoming Nobel Prize Dialogue on aging and artificial intelligence in Seoul.
Can you give us a general description of the event and its purpose?
The Nobel Prize Dialogue on the theme […]

How to build an innovative 5G ecosystem in Tuscany

Editor’s note:  Today we are featuring a guest post from Giulio Bottari, Senior Researcher at Ericsson Research and Innovation Manager of the EU H2020 Project 5G-Transformer, based on his presentation at the Ericsson Research Open Day.
Tuscany is a region with many innovative companies and academic research institutes, which leads to great opportunities for cross-sector research, […]