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You need to see how 5G will become your reality at Mobile World Congress Americas

Using sports to show off the crazy cool features of 5G makes for some amazing video – see professional American football players playing with virtual reality (VR) goggles on, or professional basketball stars doing the same at the NBA All Star Game.  And – braving even faster speeds – here’s someone in Canada catching a […]

Star Wars and AI: Why Han Solo absolutely can’t do without droids

Han Solo wants to be the best pilot in the galaxy.  He’s a renegade, a smuggler, out for himself until he comes through in the end.
He’s also dependent on machine intelligence.

Is virtual reality live sports viewing the future of basketball? Some of the sport’s superstars think so! Watch this video…

Imagine a network so fast that you can shoot baskets or catch a football or even drive a car in real life and in real time while wearing a VR headset connected to a camera.

Just how fast is a 5G network going to be? Watch this video

5G isn’t just fast. It’s rock and roll fast.

How one company is powering IoT devices – wirelessly

By 2023, there will be 20 billion connected IoT devices, according to the Ericsson Mobility Report.
But what will power these billions of IoT devices?

You need to see what pro football players can do with 5G

Imagine you’re watching the big game on Sunday in virtual reality. You’re sitting there with your goggles on, watching a professional American football player soar over three defenders to make a finger-tip catch. It’s like you’re there, better than any seat in the stadium. Or maybe you are even wearing a haptic suit that lets […]

The future of AI will change your relationship with devices

Moving into 2018, the discussion around topics like artificial intelligence is moving away from the theoretical or futuristic and into the practical. Or maybe the two are moving together. You can see this clearly in the new video from Techonomy featuring Ulf Ewaldsson, Senior Vice President and Head of Business Area Digital Services.
Ewaldsson talks with […]

What is the future of tech? A discussion with Ina Fried of Axios

2017 was the year that the world stopped being polite to the tech industry and got real.
What does that mean for 2018?

AI, 5G and more! You need to read our top 10 posts of 2017

5G, AI, the internet of skills and, of course, race cars.  These were just a few themes that resonated with the readers of the Big Ideas Blog in 2017.
This seemed to be a year of both taking stock and looking ahead, as we debate the effects of technology on our daily lives and also start […]

What kind of TV user are you?

In its latest TV and Media 2017 report, Ericsson ConsumerLab researchers identified six types of user groups in their latest TV and Media report.  I took on the assignment to write about my own habits.
But I don’t seem to fit, which, as I think of it, is kind of the point.