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Will 5G need an iconic device to drive consumer adoption?

The other day, when waiting for a train at a bustling station, I used my smartphone to immerse myself in a very interesting panel discussion streamed live by the Washington Post via Facebook. However, this experience was far from enjoyable as I experienced some major interruptions due to high latency. Such troubles made my questions […]

The killer app: the road to mass AR and VR adoption

What is the key to mass augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) adoption? Over the last year, I have been thinking about this from a consumer perspective. And what, if any, is the killer app?

How to monetize IoT – patterns and models

While many of today’s IoT applications are deployed to bring about operational efficiencies and cost savings, companies are setting their sights on IoT’s other major benefit: growing new revenues. Flexible pricing for products and services, improved management of recurring revenue and enterprise contracts, and changing business models without constraints give a great competitive edge. However, […]

How to monetize IoT – challenges and business models

We have all heard and read a lot about the exploding opportunities that come with IoT. Despite all the excitement and hype created around this area, service providers will have to overcome several complex challenges to realize the full potential of IoT. The challenges that surround IoT include: interoperability, security, customer experience, business models as […]

How to build an innovative 5G ecosystem in Tuscany

Editor’s note:  Today we are featuring a guest post from Giulio Bottari, Senior Researcher at Ericsson Research and Innovation Manager of the EU H2020 Project 5G-Transformer, based on his presentation at the Ericsson Research Open Day.
Tuscany is a region with many innovative companies and academic research institutes, which leads to great opportunities for cross-sector research, […]

How can green fintech help save the planet?

Editor’s note: Today we’re featuring a guest post by Sofie Blakstad and Rob Allen of Hiveonline, the winner of the recent Ericsson Garage Start-Up Challenge.  You can read about the contest and the incubation process or check out the Ericsson Garage site for more information.
Sofie says that she is excited to tap into a global […]

Robots, AI and graphene – reflections on MWC Americas 2017

I just had the opportunity to meet with a true celebrity. He is handsome, extremely polite and has the biggest eyes that almost see right through me. And I met him at MWC Americas.
Oh, and he’s a robot.  But more on him later.
I was in San Francisco to take part in a panel on Cybersecurity […]

IoT ecosystem collaborations can stop device fragmentation

It has long been recognized that device fragmentation in terms of standards and a lack of interoperability constitutes a primary inhibitor of IoT adoption. What’s more, the connection and activation of IoT devices are processes that are still mostly carried out manually today, accounting for an estimated 2 million man-hours a day.

Want IoT monetization success? You need extreme agility.

When it comes to monetizing IoT, a sophisticated and extremely agile approach puts you ahead of the competition regardless of the services you launch, business models you introduce or ecosystem partners you team up with.

Get an (augmented) reality check with The Last Jedi and Pokémon Go

Today fans will flock in droves to more than 20,000 stores in more than 30 countries to scan a display and collect virtual Star Wars characters. It’s an augmented reality (AR) scavenger hunt called Find the Force, a part of Force Friday II, a promotional push by The Walt Disney Studios to introduce merchandise for […]