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IoT as a Service: A new business model?

How will 5G change the way you do business?

eUICC sim card – the little innovation bringing big change to the M2M market

Established enterprises that deliver hardware-based solutions are facing a daunting challenge: rising competition from new, digital-first companies, as well as cloud and service providers. Some are also proving to be victims of their own success. By providing more durable and efficient solutions, customers are also buying less of their products.

Virtual Trick or Treat: Terror in VR

I’ve always been a bit of a horror movie junkie. IT, The Exorcist, Halloween, the Shining—all are obligatory October viewing in preparation for Halloween. While I find these flicks entertaining, none really terrify me. I had concluded that these movies, and their modern-day counter parts, had become repetitive. I was left feeling jaded rather than […]

Scariest part of IoT? The struggle to monetize IoT services.

As a child of the ‘80s, Halloween often transports me back to a time when Wes Craven’s Freddy Krueger owned my nightmares. While rewatching the movie recently, it occurred to me that anyone involved in the business side of IoT faces similar fears of something unknown lurking in the shadows: there is a problem to be solved, but there’s no clear solution.

You need to check out Southeast Asia’s thriving startup scene

When you think of connected regions, Southeast Asia could be a strong contender for the top of your list. As a child, I was in awe of the connections made possible between satellite communication dishes, rockets and beyond. That passion grew alongside my consultant work with AT&T on high-speed communication for private and public networks. […]

How can you succeed immediately with 5G?

Both consumers and industries know that 5G is relevant.  But how do we discuss and illustrate its benefits and features?  At the recent 5G World Summit in London, most of the talk centered on use cases, or even better, many different business cases. 

Nine clusters to simplify the operator challenge in making the best use case choices for 5G

5G has quickly become top of mind for consumers and businesses alike as a network technology with the potential to improve a large variety of use cases. But with the large potential also comes the challenge for operators to choose which use cases will drive their initial investments. This blogpost is about a strategy designed […]

What is the 5G journey from showcase to use(ful)case?

In 2017, there has been an ever-stronger industry commitment to 5G. But now our focus must shift to turning all the fancy showcases we’ve seen at events into use-cases. Or rather useful-cases, in which the 5G capabilities are prioritized where they matter the most.

How to monetize IoT – patterns and models

While many of today’s IoT applications are deployed to bring about operational efficiencies and cost savings, companies are setting their sights on IoT’s other major benefit: growing new revenues. Flexible pricing for products and services, improved management of recurring revenue and enterprise contracts, and changing business models without constraints give a great competitive edge. However, […]

5G network slicing: the economic opportunities for operators

With 5G on the horizon, the Internet of Things (IoT) offers great potential to transform industry and society. That said, in order to capture the opportunity, operators will need to carefully consider the new demands being placed on their networks and make strategic investments in order to deliver high-quality, efficient IoT services.