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To be the Uber of energy utilities or to be Ubered?

Understanding the urban uniqueness of Uber

Versatile virtualization vendor values – what to look for beyond product and price

Creating the networks of the future with Cisco

Today we are taking an important step forward in our transformation journey. Ericsson and Cisco are announcing a multi-faceted partnership to create the networks of the future – and through this, shape the direction of the industry.

Designs on growth – Lessons from the Managed Services Summit

The Managed Services Summit highlighted the importance of partnership – in any managed services relationship, the two parts rely on each other wholeheartedly – brilliant service leads to great customer satisfaction, which drives business growth.

Trim the total transformation time – virtualization is about time to agility this decade

One of the main promises of virtualized network functions is to create carrier competitiveness through agility. With just 50 months left of this decade, it is worth diving into the critical milestones that define operator transformation from native to virtualized networks. There are six major milestones that will define your journey and each step is […]

Yoda says “Do. Or do not. There is no try” to all industries

Smart, connected products are radically transforming industries, but are c-level executives embracing them fast enough?

Transforming transport by building ecosystems, not ego-systems

Do you remember when phones were only for making calls? Soon we’ll be asking “Do you remember when cars were just for driving?”

Ericsson Industry Watch

The connected grapevine – capillary connectivity creates compelling chardonnay

Diversity drives daring development

Living in a world without diversity is like restricting your view of the world to one eye.
With a career spent within a global company, there are a few reflections I can make about the importance of diversity and how we approach it on a family and friends level, as well as in professional life. Diverse […]