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Digital transformation: a future agenda for Europe

The 5G race is on.
Yet, while European technology is at the fore, the first deployment and use cases are likely to take place elsewhere. The FT reports that Sweden’s Ericsson (80) leads the way globally for 5G trials and launches, followed by China’s Huawei (64) and Finland’s Nokia (45). But by 2023 almost half of […]

You need to check out Southeast Asia’s thriving startup scene

When you think of connected regions, Southeast Asia could be a strong contender for the top of your list. As a child, I was in awe of the connections made possible between satellite communication dishes, rockets and beyond. That passion grew alongside my consultant work with AT&T on high-speed communication for private and public networks. […]

Finding a community within the IoT connectivity management ecosystem

Businesses have an increasing need for global connectivity management services. Manufacturers want out-of-the-box global connectivity for their products, and enterprises want real time visibility of connected assets.

Traffic data: time to tap into its full potential

Editor’s note: Today we feature a post by Sander Maas, Global Offering Lead for Transport at Ericsson, who shares his expertise on connected urban transport. 
Every minute of the day, a huge volume of data is generated by road equipment, vehicles, and travelers. So isn’t it strange, in this day and age, that we still run into traffic […]

Robots, AI and graphene – reflections on MWC Americas 2017

I just had the opportunity to meet with a true celebrity. He is handsome, extremely polite and has the biggest eyes that almost see right through me. And I met him at MWC Americas.
Oh, and he’s a robot.  But more on him later.
I was in San Francisco to take part in a panel on Cybersecurity […]

IoT ecosystem collaborations can stop device fragmentation

It has long been recognized that device fragmentation in terms of standards and a lack of interoperability constitutes a primary inhibitor of IoT adoption. What’s more, the connection and activation of IoT devices are processes that are still mostly carried out manually today, accounting for an estimated 2 million man-hours a day.

Want IoT monetization success? You need extreme agility.

When it comes to monetizing IoT, a sophisticated and extremely agile approach puts you ahead of the competition regardless of the services you launch, business models you introduce or ecosystem partners you team up with.

Wanted: innovative startups building a smart, sustainable future

Do you have a great idea that can change the way 7 billion citizens will travel and transport themselves in the future? Do you want to revolutionize the world of sustainable manufacturing? Is your startup solving the IoT-related data security challenges of a connected society?

5G speeds up motorsports future

This Sunday could arguably be called the biggest day in racing: Monaco’s Grand Prix, the Indy 500 and NASCAR Coca Cola 600, all taking place on the same day. Motorsports has a long history, with decades of tradition. The internet age with its digital transformation has left no industry untouched, and motorsports is no exception. […]

It’s all green flags for 5G at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

At the 101st running of the Indianapolis 500, 5G is accelerating into reality. But would you want to race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with all your windows blacked out?