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A look into smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0

As operational technology merges with ICT, mobile communication has an important role to play towards the manufacturing industry. With that said, 80% of Industrial IoT is wired and fixed networks dominate in factories.

IoT technology is now proven – but where is the money?

Expectations are high for the Internet of Things (IoT). It promises to solve many of today’s complex problems, from organizing city traffic to revolutionizing manufacturing. By leveraging big data analytics, IoT creates possibilities for completely new insights into markets, businesses and societies, and new business opportunities related to connectivity, artificial intelligence (AI) and IoT devices […]

Self-driving future on the horizon

On March 31, 2016, Tesla started taking Model 3 orders. Long lines of eager car enthusiasts snaked outside Tesla dealerships worldwide. Elon Musk tweeted that there had been over 180,000 orders in the first 24 hours. Within a week, Tesla announced that it had received over 325,000 reservations. I was one of those excited customers.

IoT as a Service: A new business model?

How will 5G change the way you do business?

Connected car legislation must put EU transport goals in the fast lane

By Joakim Reiter, Group External Affairs Director, Vodafone; Dr. Christoph Grote, Senior Vice President Electronics, BMW Group; Ulf Pehrsson, Vice President Government and Industry Relations, Ericsson.
Digitisation is driving the most significant period of change in the automotive industry since the introduction of the moving assembly line in 1913.
Today, millions of cars use mobile networks for […]

eUICC sim card – the little innovation bringing big change to the M2M market

Established enterprises that deliver hardware-based solutions are facing a daunting challenge: rising competition from new, digital-first companies, as well as cloud and service providers. Some are also proving to be victims of their own success. By providing more durable and efficient solutions, customers are also buying less of their products.

5 ways zero-touch technology will change our world

When was the last time you were alone, without your smartphone?

Humans, AI and machine intelligence – a match made in heaven?

Back in 2016, a Google computer program known as AlphaGo beat Lee Sidol, one of the world’s top Go players. Perhaps that doesn’t sound so impressive, after all, it is only a boardgame. I mean, how hard could it be, right?

Why your 5G network needs 5G transport

Transport has always been the “middle child” of the network— an essential part of the family that’s often underappreciated and ignored. But as the next wave of mobile communications, with LTE Advanced and 5G, sweeps us forward, it’s time to take notice of the supporting RAN Transport.

Top IoT security concerns and ways to address them

Securing your home, workplace, or country is a complicated business. The larger the area that you need to protect, the more exposed it is to security breaches. IoT security can be tricky. After all, the greater the number of connected devices the greater the risk of exposure to advanced and persistent threats (APT).