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We need three-dimensional traffic congestion solutions

When walking the dog in my neighborhood, I increasingly have to navigate around cars that are too big to fit on the driveways and protrude out onto the pavement. I asked a neighbor why he doesn’t just park his in the garage and he told me the garage is too small…

Harnessing startup ecosystems for smart cities

You may not be aware of this, but Philadelphia was America’s first, startup innovation hub. In 1776 the city’s intellectual ecosystem included the American Philosophical Society, the first (and second) bank of the United States and the largest library anywhere in the US colonies. These institutions provided the intellectual foundation for the drafters of the […]

Medellin: From the world’s most dangerous city to the world’s most innovative

Medellin, Colombia, emerging from a troubled past, is now home to a thriving social entrepreneurship scene reshaping the character of the city.