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Smart is easy, changing perspective is hard!

As we enter an era when authorities need to let smart citizens lead and participate more than before, the ability to switch perspective will become a critical local government competence. Officials need to have ability to not get stuck in arcane policies out of habit.

A dispatch on intelligent transport from Mobile World Congress

The most common questions from public transport operators: What is the business model of this? Who is going to be the service provider of Mobility as a Service?

A Sunday afternoon experiment – are you ready for the sharing economy?

In our report about the 10 Hot Consumer trends for 2015 and Beyond (link) we talk about areas that are already visible and interesting to consumers such as car/bike sharing and renting other people’s leisure equipment, rooms and household appliances.

Why we keep looking at the smart home again and again

Smartphones provide a well-known interface for consumers to do all of those things mentioned above with their homes. The new bit with our research this time was that people see the smartphone as the interface to the home.

Drones are a few of my favorite things

That’s why a new, imaginative video from our colleagues in the Industry Transformation group at Ericsson is so much fun to watch. It takes drones today and imagines them at the next level. And the next level after that. Drones have already captured our imagination the way robots and moving sidewalks did when I watched “The Jetsons” as a youngster. Ericsson President and CEO Hans Vestberg often says in his speeches: “Only our imaginations will limit what is possible in the Networked Society.”

Delivering on the broadband promise in an era of instant gratification

Regardless, with Apple, I now have a benchmark of what a great authentic experience is like. And I hope that the other service providers in my life can elevate their game based on that or even exceed it. Just like what Mr. X asked for.

Stream it down, Scotty!

But the streamed future holds things that we today do not consider to be media. In fact, the more our habits shift towards streaming, the greater will the demand be for anything that can be digitized and makes sense to consume on-demand. So just reflect on your own day and consider what strict time schedules you could imagine doing without.

Following Pope Francis’ footsteps in Manila with smartphones and social media

Will you use thoughts to send a smiley in the near future?

Just because we have seen amazingly fast development of new communication services over the past few years, including a rich flora of social networks, micro-blogging services, messages that self-delete, instant messaging services and variations on telephony with and without video, it doesn’t mean that this fast paced change is about to stop now.

E-mail is not dead. Long live e-mail, both at work and at home

The beauty of the Networked Society and all its new tools is that it is inclusive. We do not have to leave one form of communication for another; we can enjoy longform as well as short form.