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Life in the digital age: Mental Obesity and AI

Did you know that physical training actually makes your brain better and bigger? According to the popular book Brain Power (original title in Swedish: Hjärnstark) physical training can help our brains grow and cope with cognitive challenges such as stress and lack of focus.

It’s ALIVE! An AI Halloween horror tale…

Could AI be here to scare you as well as help you? It’s watching you and learning. Is it alive?

How can you protect your data privacy?

When downloading a new app, how often do you pause to read the terms and conditions statement before clicking the “Agree” button? I should confess, I rarely do so. Recently, when downloading a game on my smartphone, I did stop and read the terms and conditions. Surprisingly enough, they requested access to my microphone and […]

An AI will replace my job sooner than yours

Our recent Ericsson Consumer & IndustryLab Creative Machines report states that as many as 1 in 5 think their own job will be replaced by a machine before they retire. Is that really a realistic figure?

What happened to my cloud connected home?

About three years ago I wrote a blog post about my connected home, envisioning that we soon would have all our devices in the cloud. But to date, we are still pretty much in the same world as then. We have competing standards resulting in siloed solutions, with little or no cross-standard solutions.

Eternal newbies but instant experts

Have you ever felt like you are living life in the fast lane and slow lane at the exact same time? It seems to me that my short perspective is getting ever shorter and that makes the fact that my longer perspective isn’t moving increasingly hard to adjust for.

Does automation make jobs boring – or enable leisure?

Some predict that automation will make jobs more boring. But maybe jobs already are more boring than they used to be?
After all, my parents lived to work. But I work to live.

Driverless car regulation – rules of the autonomous road

Projected to be road-ready in five to seven years, driverless cars are on the minds of politicians, policy makers and city planners around the world.

5G: The need to know what consumers want

There isn’t a day that goes by when I do not hear about 5G. However, most of these discussions and debates around 5G have been focused on industrial use cases and one element which is missing from these discussions is the “consumers”. The web is full of opinions, predictions and speculation that consumers just aren’t […]

Net neutrality and how to keep the internet open for innovation

The debate over net neutrality goes way back. In significant ways, it reaches all the way to the early 1980s, even before I spent nearly seven years at the FCC between 1997 and 2004.
We’ve been deeply involved at Ericsson in the current debate for almost a decade now, and we have consistently supported a framework for net neutrality that gives […]